Mckenzie Gulgowski

Mckenzie Gulgowski

Meet our top writer, Mckenzie Gulgowski, a graduate of George Washington University, professional content creator with 10+ years of experience, and mom of two kids. We are lucky to have her in our team—Mckenzie worked as a copywriter for another company for over 9 years focusing more on psychology and sociology, and that’s exactly the specialist we needed to improve our researchers, find more statistics, analyze the trends on the international dating market and more importantly, give our site visitors the best recommendations related to dating and building interpersonal connections with someone from another country.
Lucky for us, she has also taken The Strategy of Content Marketing course by Copyblogger, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. That allows her not only to create our content and make it useful for a site visitor interested in international dating but also to create guides that will rank high. We absolutely appreciate that—we believe her content is worth being seen by as many people as possible.
Mckenzie took our content to a new level, and now we can hardly imagine our platform without someone who not only writes great guides due to the deep knowledge in sociology and psychology but also coordinates the work of other writers.
Quote from Mckenzie:
“I aimed to bridge the gap between the countries, between how people see international dating. There are so many myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions that we need to ruin, and I truly believe that analyzing different cultural dating traditions, analyzing the national characters, and ways to make differences interethnic couples’ main strength, not a weakness. The dating market is actually huge, and it’s constantly developing and growing, and that’s definitely the good news for online daters. Our goal is to tell them all they should know about the pitfalls, possible options, ways to distinguish good platforms from bad platforms, and, of course, ways to make a connection with someone from another culture and build a happy relationship with this person.”

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