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Gorgeous Russian Mail Order Brides & Dates—Best Pretty Girls For Marriage & Dating

Beautiful Russian mail order brides have a reputation in the West for being perfect wives. Russian wives are incredibly beautiful but what makes them so desired is their attitude to family and desire to put time and effort into making relationships solid and lasting. With specialized Russia mail order sites, meeting gorgeous real Russian brides is not a problem. To help you understand how to do that and how relationships in the country work, we created an ultimate guide on everything about Russian order brides. Enjoy!

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Top-5 secrets on how to find the best Russian woman for marriage and dating

If you have a desire to find mail order brides from Russia all you need is a PC or smartphone and Internet access. As half of our lives are happening online, there should be no surprise that the best way to meet beautiful Russian brides is with specialized platforms. Here is your 5-step guide on how to do that:

  • Decide on a preferable dating way. You have many options to connect with your future Russian bride for marriage: traveling to Russia, going on a dating tour, joining an international or Slavic dating site, using a dating app. Choosing the most suitable option for you is a guarantee of a positive experience and desired results.
  • Read reviews before joining a dating site. As so many Western guys want to marry Russian women, the demand is covered with various options. But not all dating sites are good and safe, which is why reading professional reviews and just checking out the site design, features, and services before joining is very important.
  • Use the dating site’s services and features to your benefit. Explore all the goods that the site offers to you. If there is a questionnaire—fill it, as it will help the site’s algorithm to offer you the most suitable Russian beauties.
  • Create an image of a woman you want to meet. All Russian women are stunning and to find your perfect match you’ll need to be more specific with your desires. Write down some ice-breakers to check compatibility before even starting a conversation.
  • Don’t talk to a lot of Russian girls at once. The desire to approach all hot girls online is quite understandable, but it isn’t a very effective dating strategy. When you write to many women (more than 5) your attention is lost. Better pick a few and add new ones only after you want to stop talking to girls from your initial 5. After that, slowly choose the one you like the most.

Follow these steps and you’ll meet a lot of single Russian women for marriage. But finding your match or even a few ladies you like is only the tip of the iceberg, as understanding traits and the mindset of cute mail order Russian wives, getting rid of cultural stereotypes is key to having a successful love life. To avoid any awkward misunderstandings during your quest for love, keep on reading and learn more about Russian ladies for marriage.

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Why do Russian ladies want to marry a guy from abroad?

If you have already visited any legit international or Slavic dating site you’ve probably seen how many gorgeous women are there, and how many single Western guys want to find a Russian bride. When dating locally is much easier, why are pretty Russian girls for marriage looking for a spouse overseas?

There are so many reasons why ladies from Russia like Westerns and contrary to common belief money is the least of their concerns. We want to highlight a few main ones:

  1. Russian brides tend to marry foreigners more often now than before because they became more open-minded. Women learn foreign languages, travel, and find Western culture and guys from abroad very appealing.
  2. Some are disappointed with local men. If a girl had not so bright experience dating in Russia, she is more willing to explore her options and look for something she hasn’t in her previous relationship.
  3. A typical Russian mail order bride is looking for love and respect. Foreign guys are believed to be very gentle, loving, and caring with their women.
  4. Western men are able to provide for the family at ease. Prosperity and trouble-free life for kids are in the heart of any woman looking for a foreign husband.
  5. Russian girls are physically attracted to Westerns. Even a high social status or money is not that important when it comes to physical attraction. Western men are known for their polished look and caring about appearance, which Russian beauties find very sexy.

It’s also important to mention that our reasons are generalizations that cannot be applied to all women that join online dating sites. Some might not be looking for love, so you always need to be cautious and join only reliable dating sites with positive reviews to be safe looking for Russian wife.

What is dating like in Russia?

Dating in Russia is about the same as everywhere else, girls love to be looked after and surprised with romantic gestures. However, Russian dating etiquette still has its peculiarities that are worth knowing if you want to have the best possible first impression and just succeed in marrying a Russian women.

  • Men are expected to make the first move and ask on a date.
  • Casual dating is not a thing in Russia.
  • Russian ladies are very loyal and honest when they date.
  • Guys usually pick up their women by car and bring them home after the date.
  • Gallant gestures and bouquets of flowers are obligatory.
  • Splitting the bill is not a thing and even if a girl asks for it, you should refuse the offer not to appear cheap. It shows that you can support your woman and treat her right—a bit old-fashioned, but that’s the way it is in Russia.
  • Getting to know family and friends is only when the relationship is serious.
  • Your Russian girlfriend will always want to delight you with homemade food, which they are chefs at.

Also, it’s important to know that traditionally relationships in Russia have a much slower pace than in the US. Don’t try to kiss her just after the first date or even expect something more. Women from Russia value their reputation and if you hint at something your girl will just think that you are not serious.

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Peculiarities of marriage and weddings in Russia

As dating in Russia is special, marriage is also full of unique customs, traditions, and beliefs. There is also a bit of a different role of marriage in Russian society that is traditional and highly influenced by religion. Women still live under big pressure to marry young (18-25), as after that age it’s hard to find someone good. But thanks to Western influences, such beliefs are slowly changing.

However, knowing that hot Russian wifes want to find husbands, a lot of foreigners come to Russia to find a perfect spouse. It is known that they are good housewives and mothers. Many desires to get a wife from Russia to have a traditional type of relationship and that is something that you can get.

Also, you have probably heard about a big Russian wedding that has tons of guests and is a week-long celebration. In modern Russia, especially in suburban areas such tradition is still alive, but if you come closer to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg you’ll see more modern and to some degree Western weddings.

What does ‘happily ever after’ look like with a Russian wife?

Knowing what to expect after you marry Russian girl is something that is natural to be curious about. And we are here to reveal all the secrets of what will happen when you tie the knot:

  • You need to decide where you will live. But regardless of your decision to find Russian wife, you have not only to buy rings but also to prepare documents. The process isn’t very complicated, but it requires time and involves some stress.
  • Your Russian mail order wife will always look younger. Girls from Russia tend to lead healthy lifestyles, care about their beauty and don’t smoke or drink excessively, which leads to preserving their gorgeous looks till old age.
  • You’ll have not just a wife but a partner for life. Russian ladies are intelligent, kind, supportive, empathetic, and they have a wonderful sense of humor. If it’s true love your girl will stand through any inconveniences or hardships without saying a word about it. Also, wives in Russia are always standing by their man, supporting and advising even when it comes to business issues (if they have the knowledge, of course.)

Also, it’s worth mentioning that sometimes in marriage women from Russia have a kind of “mother-hen complex” where they are trying to teach and change you, but it’s really just a matter of communication between a couple. Of course, arguments happen, just like in any relationship, but it’s great to marry a Russian beauty you will have a lot in common with and that is something you won’t regret for a minute.

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The bottom line

Marriage with a lovely Russian lady can certainly be a big adventure. With new life and relationship experience, you will not only find new sides of your personality but also get a chance to explore a new culture and new ways to be happy.

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