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How Much Does A Mail Order Wife Cost?

Online communication with a mail order bride from a different country is not something that should be regarded as expensive. Many people have a prejudice against online dating and believe that mail order bride pricing is too high. However, in reality, it may take less money to pay for a full month of high-quality and diverse communication with a mail order bride than to have a single real-life date. So, if you want to know more about mail order brides cost, feel free to check out this article!

How much is a mail order bride?

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First of all, you do not need to be a wealthy guy to consider using online communication. Indeed, this form of interaction is highly affordable and accessible. Since different sites have different approaches for offering you premium and fee-based content, it is quite difficult to tell you how much exactly you could spend. In the sections below, you will find the two most popular ways to obtain paid-based content on a dating site and the mail order bride pricing on such sites.

Monthly membership cost

Plenty of dating sites where you can find mail order bride will offer you a simple system of monthly subscriptions. In case you do not know how such a system works, it is quite simple. Mail order bride cost on such platforms revolves around a monthly payment. Each month you need to purchase access to the site. Becoming a premium user guarantees you access to all premium content. Usually, there are a few available package plans, which is why you may purchase 3, 6, or even 12 months as a single purchase. Our dating experts have researched dozens of dating platforms with such charging approach. Here are the average cost of mail order brides on websites with monthly subscriptions:

  • 1 month of premium content for $4.99–$9.99
  • 3 months of premium content for $19.99–$24.99
  • 6 months of premium content for $29.99–$44.99
  • 9 months of premium content for $49.99–$59.99
  • 12 months of premium content for $59.99–$79.99

The prices vary based on the site’s reputation, diversity of tools, and other factors. Nevertheless, as you may see, you can get excellent quality of communication at a low price. The very fact that plenty of dating sites allow you to buy a month of premium content for less than $10 gives you great advantages to try out everything you need without spending too much money!

Token-based dating websites

Now that you know about dating sites with memberships, it is high time to mention a few things about platforms with a credit-based approach. Websites that implement credits are very popular and numerous, which is why it is quite important to know about them if you consider using dating sites. At first, such a system may seem quite complicated and inconvenient. However, it offers great flexibility and control over your expenses.

A site with credits allows you to purchase these tokens and spend them on various tools and features individually. In other words, instead of getting all content as a premium member, you decide what content you want to use and pay for. By choosing sites with such a system, you potentially can lower mailorder brides cost and spend less money than you could on a site with a premium membership approach. So, how much does a mail order wife cost on a site with credits? Let’s find out together! Our dating professionals gathered data from many dating sites. The numbers that you will find below represent the average cost of mail order brides on credit-based platforms.

  • 3 credits for $9.99
  • 10 credits for $29.99
  • 25 credits for $59.99
  • 50 credits for $99.99
  • 100 credits for $179.99
  • 350 credits for $299.99

Basically, to have a great time with a mail order bride, you will have to purchase any of the packages mentioned above and spend them on tools that you want to use. Usually, 50 credits are enough for several months of lengthy conversations with numerous mail order brides. Of course, everything depends on your demands and preferences.

What is the point of paying for online communication?

Online dating services are businesses – the more money they generate, the better the quality becomes. It is also essential to note that mail order bride services are incredibly competitive, which means dating sites will do everything possible to improve the quality of the communication. Most dating sites can offer you free options and tools. However, most of the time, you will not be able to have proper dating experience as a free member. Therefore, we highly encourage you to spend some money on dating sites to figure out whether it is something for you. As you could see, the average cost of mail order brides is not that high!


In case you have some questions left, check out this FAQ section. It contains answers to the most common questions regarding mail order bride pricing.

What are the common payment options?

Most dating sites usually offer you a range of options to pay for premium content. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery are among the most popular and common options for you to choose from.

Is it safe to pay for dating services online?

If you choose a reliable and trustworthy online dating site, then yes. Mailorder brides cost and services on such platforms will be protected by modern and sophisticated software, designed specifically to prevent scam and fraud.

Mail order bride pricing – is it worth paying?

Absolutely yes. If you want to have a proper online dating experience and be successful with your mail order bride, then you will have to pay.

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